StopTheCull 101

Dogs are social animals just like humans. The closeness of dog behavior patterns to humans makes dogs able to be trained, invited to play, live with humans, and invited to socialize with other humans and dogs. Dogs have a unique position in interspecies relationships. The loyalty and devotion that dogs display is very similar to the human concept of love and friendship. Although it is a dog’s natural instinct as a group animal, dog owners value their dog’s loyalty and devotion and consider them to be members of their own family. Pet dogs are often given the same surname as the owner’s name.

On the other hand, dogs consider humans as members of their group. Dogs only slightly distinguish the position of the owner with his fellow dogs who are still in the same group, and often do not even distinguish them at all. It even happened, when a herd of criminals surrendered, the dog that had been barking at the officers surrendered by lying on his back beside his master while showing his stomach, this in the dog world is considered a sign of surrender, because his soft stomach is not protected, but instead shown.