Hello welcome to stopthecull we are a family with two canine in our side, being a dog owner is not an easy job. We have to understand what he/she needs everyday.

It is common knowledge that animals are not loyal animals. It’s natural because they don’t have any sense. However, nature surprises us again. In fact, there are animals that are loyal to their partners. In fact, some only have one for their entire life. What animals? Reporting from Animal Wised, here are among them.

Parakeets are social animals that can feel sad and lonely when they have no friends. That is why, parakeets are one of the most loyal animals to their partners. They need a partner in their cage to be happy.

Even after getting acquainted, they wont leave each other. The death of a friend or partner is painful for parakeets. They can suffer from a tremendous amount of anxiety disorder.